Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Cocoon, display case and 2 not so smart parents.

 I'm going to tell you a funny story about this here shadow box.

Some of you may laugh and some of you may think I'm horribly cruel. I promise you I'm not cruel, just...stupid.

It all started on a beautiful, February day. We decided to take a nature walk to enjoy the sun and warmth before the typical Minnesota cold rolled back in. I actually made a post about it, which you can find here.

Towards the end of the walk, David spotted a Cocoon on a tree. 
We showed the boys and checked it out. 

David and I had a little conversation that went something like this. 

This is where you will discover our stupidity.

Me: Whatever is in there can't be alive, right? They don't live through the winter, do they?

David: I don't think so. It's freezing. Don't they come out in the summer or fall?

Me: I think so. Let's take it! That would be awesome to have!

David pulled the branch off the tree. We examined it. David shook it a few times. It rattled. That had to mean the thing was dead, right? 

We brought it home and I decided to put it in a shadow box I was making for Dawson full of random nature stuff.  It turned out super cute.
True to form, it didn't get hung up. It sat on my dresser for weeks and weeks, until one day.... 

I walked by and this is what I see.

Holy shit! There is a giant moth in the case! A giant moth that came out of the cocoon!

I immediately texted a friend of mine. I believe the text went something like "I'm a murderer. Remember that cocoon we found? Well the thing inside was alive and it came out and is now dead in the case."  I was sad. I felt horrible...and stupid.

The next day I still hadn't cleaned it out. For one, it was gross. There was moth fuzz and juice all over the place. For two, clearly this was some sort of mutant Moth who was going to come back to life and eat my face the minute I opened the case. 

The next day I walked by again and THE MOTH HAD MOVED. Now I was freaked.  I told David and he said that it was probably just from him picking up the frame and looking at it. Whew. I felt better. 

Again, the next day, I walked in and the moth had moved. What the hell is going on here? I tapped the glass a few times and it made no movement. I texted the same friend and told her that I think I killed the Moth...again.

A few days went by and I refused to look at the case. It creeped me out. That giant Moth that I had murdered. The shame. 

Right around day 5 (possibly 6 or 7) of the Moth being reborn, I walked in and saw a flutter out of the corner of my eye. Ever so slowly, I crept over to the frame. The mother fucking moth was moving.

Obviously he is a mutant, out for blood or eyeballs or all the clothes in my closet. I was NOT opening that case. I no longer felt bad for murdering a moth because  he was alive and obviously some sort of King Moth that refused to die and was probably pissed.

David could be the one with his face eaten off. I wasn't taking that risk.  

David came home and brought the frame outside. I didn't stand anywhere close to him while he opened it. I'm not stupid...well I'm not stupid when it comes to getting attacked by a pissed off moth

David set the moth in the grass and we all went inside. The next day he was gone. I'm not sure whether a bird ate him, or he flew away. Either way, he was alive when we put him down and all responsibility is now off of my shoulders.

And that was the day we decided we needed to learn more about nature...


  1. OMG moths creep me the f*ck out!! I hate them, I hate the, I hate them! Worse than spiders. I have no idea why. I probably would have burned the shadow box as soon as I saw it lol

    1. LOL! I would have, but I worked so dang hard on arranging that case! Although everything in it now has slight staining from Moth goo. Gross!

  2. Ewww. That is pretty creepy and I wouldn't have opened the case up either!!! You have a thing for murdering little creatures don't you. lol j/k

    1. Awww...haha! I don't mean to murder the little creatures. It just happens! :P And for all we know, he lived. ok?

  3. You are too funny. I hate bugs. Any sort of bug. But I always feel bad when they die. Like, what if they had a family? Like once, there was a HUGE walking stick bug on my front door. I'm talking like a at least 9 inches long. It was gross. I kicked it off the door and my dog ate it. Right in front of me. I felt bad, but relieved that I didn't have a fucking stalker walker on my house!

    RIP moth.

    1. That poor little stick bug family. Daddy was probably just trying to find them dinner! You're evil! ;)

  4. LOL I wouldn't have even touched the cocoon!


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