Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday Social!

 Today I'm linking up with Neely and Ashley for my first Sunday Social. My dear friend, Jess is also doing it, check her out! Yes, it's Monday, but oh well.
This Week’s Questions: All about 3′s

Top 3 Favorite Kinds of Food: Cheesecake, Cheese and Coconut. This one was really hard! I can't pick just 3 things! 

First 3 Things you do in the morning: Email, Facebook, start the keurig.

Last 3 Things you do at night: Go to the bathroom, complain about how cold it is in our room, read.

3 TV shows you NEVER miss: This is one I really can't answer! I don't really watch much TV!

3 Places you want to visit: Egypt, Machu Picchu, Italy

3 People you can always count on: David, My 2 friends, Jessi and Jess (since they have the same name, I get a bonus option, yes, I'm a cheater.) and Christina.


  1. Hey there...swinging by from the hop! Thought you would like a new follower, I'm in! lol Swing by my blog and follow back if you'd like!

    P.s. your first three things each morning are my first three things...I'm so plugged into social media it's ridic, and coffee saves my life!

    1. Welcome! I followed you back. :)

      It's almost ridiculous how much social media sucks us in. I don't even leave my bed to check my email and Facebook. My alarm on my phone goes off, I turn it off and check them on my phone. So sad, but it gives me 2 min of sanity before the morning chaos begins!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you joined the link up too!! I love you!!


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