Saturday, January 12, 2013

Digging for Letters

Did you know that Walmart sells letter buttons? They do! A whole bag of them for around $6. You get several of each letter, which is awesome for the price!

I bought those buttons, with no real intentions of what to do with them. I just wanted them and I got them because I have no restraint when it comes to craft things.

One day, I was sewing, badly if you must know and the littlest monster was bored. The sewing project I was doing involved rice, so being my quick thinking self, I decided that the rice and the letter buttons needed to meet up in a big metal basin I had bought for other intentions.

I gave Corbin the basin, some plastic Ice Cream scoops and a few bowls and told him to find me all the letters.

It's amazing how little things can be so amusing to kids!

Since this is more of a child led project, Corbin does his own thing. Sometimes the letters are separate from the rice, sometimes they aren't. Whatever makes him happy...and keeps him entertained. 

On occasion, if I need a little bit more busy time, I give him a simple printed sheet with all the letters on it and have him match up the buttons he finds with the letters on the sheet


Sometimes we work on spelling words. He tells me what he wants to spell, I tell him how and he searches for the letters. 

Either way, it usually makes for one happy, goofy 3 yr old. 

 It's a fun, simple, educational task for little ones. I love these buttons!! Maybe some day I'll use them for their intended purpose, but for now, they work perfectly for educational busy time!



  1. This is genius! I pinned it! :)

  2. That is awesome!! I bet he was a happy camper! What kid doesn't love digging through stuff.

    1. It keeps him busy for quite a while! He always asks if he can do his "Wetters". :)


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