Monday, January 21, 2013

Rubber Band Slingers

The little monster was bored the other day, which seems to be the norm lately with this winter shenanigans we have going on. I tried to get him to play toys. I tried to him them to read or color. No go. He wanted to play Video games, which I didn't want.

I busted out my "Mom's Book O' Fun", (If you're confused, don't worry, I'll do a post on it later this week) and told him to find something to do. 

This is what he picked.
Score! We actually had everything to make it and it was easy. Plus, I knew it would keep my boys busy... My boys who love to shoot things. 

I got out everything we needed. 3 things. Well, 4 if you count glue of some sort. Wooden dowels, clothespins and rubber bands.

Yes, we have a big tub of various sized dowels. That's David's doing. He impulse buys too.

These were so incredibly quick to throw together. I used a hot glue gun and was able to make 6 of them in about 10 minutes. That included the first few I took apart because I put the clothespins to close to the end. Make sure you measure the stretchy distance of the rubber bands before you glue the clothespins on!!

Aren't they cute little weapons of minor destruction?

 Dawson came home from school and Corbin quickly showed him their new toys. Of course Dawson had to decorate his

He named it the S3 slinger. (not sure why his 3 and his g is backwards. I think he was in a hurry!)

They played with them all night long. Even David and I got in on the fun and shot each other from across the room for an hour or so. (Tip: if you load 3 rubber bands at a time, it can cause a little bit more damage to your target. Try it!)

I definitely recommend these for a super quick, fun, keep em busy craft.  

I'm off to cause more damage to David. Until next time! 

(I feel like I need to put a disclaimer on this. I don't want anyone suing me when someone loses and eye or breaks a very expensive 16th century vase. Obviously, this is not meant to harm. If you choose to shoot at people or items that break, that's all on you. Kay?)


  1. I love these! I want to make one so I can torture it with my hubbs while he sleeps.

    1. They are super fun and beyond easy to make!


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