Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mom's Book O' Fun

Remember my post about the Rubber Band Slingers?

I mentioned my Mom's Book O' Fun, in that post and I'm sure confused a lot of you. I said I would post about it and here it is! 

Basically, Mom's Book O' Fun, is like Pinterest...minus the internet or computers. *Gasp!* I know!! It's a scary thought, but it can be done! 

I did start this book a couple of years ago though, before I knew Pinterest existed. So go easy on me.    

I started this because of my magazine subscription to Family Fun magazine. I had a serious stock pile of them because I wanted to save all the fun ideas for the kids.  I couldn't deal with the clutter anymore, so I decided to make this book. 

It's not pretty, but I never intended to show anyone. I didn't blog when I made it. Maybe some day I'll make it fancier, but probably not. 

It's pretty self explanatory on how I made it. Cut out the articles, glue them to paper. Easy as can be, right?
Most of the pages are in plastic sheet covers, but I ran out of those and haven't gotten more. It's just not one of those things that I think about when making the grocery list!

When the monsters are bored (actually, it's mostly when I'm bored, but that's besides the point), I pull out the book and have them look through it for ideas of something to do. 
It's easy. It keeps things organized and if the internet ever goes out  for some reason, we can still find stuff to do. 
Pinterest ain't got nothing on Mom's Book O' Fun! 


  1. I think this idea is fabulous and if I didn't have three binders in circulation, a quarter full and left neglected, I would start this as well. But, since there is this thing called pinterest...makes it easier for lazy ppl like me!

    1. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE pinterest, but it sucks me in. Horribly. Every time we go on to find an activity the activity is forgotten about while I spend 2 hours pinning things. Ha! My poor kids.


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