Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The infamous Black Lion.

This morning I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this post. 

It was titled. "Last Black Lion :(  Can he get 10000 likes?"

I thought nothing of it and continued to scroll.

But that post haunted me. I drove Dawson to school and I questioned whether or not there really was a black Lion. If there was, how had I never heard of one in my 30  25 yrs of living? Why wasn't there some sort of giant uproar to protect this beautiful creature? When did the numbers dwindle down to 1 and why was it allowed??

I got home and turned to my dear friend, Google. Which of course turned up an article on Snopes.

The article states...
 "This article of a Black Lion has been widely re-posted on Facebook, typically accompanied by messages imploring viewers to "Like" the large feline. The picture is nothing more than a digital fabrication which was originally posted to the deviantART website back in March of 2012, however - a manipulated image of a white lion..."

Ahhh...I knew it. A fake. Not surprisingly, discovered on Fakebook, errr, Facebook.

The thing that depresses me the most is the amount of Likes and shares this post got. 

That's right. 64,568 people "Liked" this and 1,722 people shared it. That means almost 65,000 people weren't smart enough to research if this was true, and almost 2,000 people felt the need to share the stupidity. 

I don't want to live on this planet anymore. 

Reading through the comments did make me feel slightly better about humanity, there seemed to be a lot of people that were aware it was photoshop. Thank god. But there was still some gems of stupidity that I thought I would share.

I will share a few now. I hope you get as many giggles as I did.

   That's right, he's beta than George Clooney. I wonder if those dots are her way of telling us that's how long she had to think before each part of the comment?

 That's right! Cut off his boys!! Don't try to breed him, just cut em off!

 Umm...what? I ignored it. I'm screwed or at least my parents are...forever. At least I don't like Justin and One Direction!

3 in a row! Do I really need to say more about these 3?

 Huh?! I actually googled this to make sure it wasn't Hakuna Matata in another language. Someone needs to revisit their childhood.

There is a lot more comments to choose from, but I feel my brain slowly sizzling away the more I read. 

Parents. Please. I beg of you. Teach your children to research. Don't let them be stupid as well. Our future depends on you! 


  1. Oh my gosh! People's stupidity never ceases to amaze me!

    1. I'll give people the benefit out of the doubt and say that 10-15 percent of the "Likes" were from people that just liked the idea of it or are actually not that intelligent (which they obviously can't help) but that's still a really big number of stupids out there!

  2. oh,everyday i see thousands of such fake news..And i dont know what will the ppl get when they like this kind of news .Whats the joy in flourishing such fake things..Really its fakebookkk


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