Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Better late than never...

 I'm a little late with this post. Actually, a lot late. This should have been made in September, when it was Dawson's Birthday. Oops. 

I was going to skip it, but it was sooo awesome, I had to share. 

Dawson turned 7 in September. What?! Where did the last 6 yrs go? Ridiculous! 

I bought him this awesome T-shirt off of an etsy site, for a very reasonable price. Go buy one, they have a large selection and awesome customer service. Here is the link. Cheaperthanshirt  You're welcome.

Don't mind his sleep eyes, it was morning, right before school. Pretty sure he hated me for this picture.
 His actual Birthday rocked. Mostly because of my dear friend, Jessi, who won 4 tickets to Batman Live and knowing how much Dawson loves Batman, she gave them to us! With the exception that we bring her son, Alex, with. That was no problem because he doesn't talk to me anyways. We've known each other for 4 maybe 5 yrs now and I think I've heard maybe 30 words out of his mouth. Maybe when he graduates. 

Anyways...Batman Live was awesome. The show was amazing. The kids loved it. My friend is amazing and I could never thank her enough for the tickets.

That weekend we had our friends over to celebrate. Staying true to ourselves, we threw a kick ass celebration. 

We decided to make PVC pipe bow and arrows. Because who doesn't love shooting things? I can't remember what specific site we found the tutorials on because we literally looked at dozens before we made them, so Google PVC bow and arrows and dig around. You'll find something.  

David made the bows (with a little help from his friend), I made the arrows. Against his wishes, (and Dylan's) I covered the end of the wood dowels with foam and cloth. I didn't want anyone shot in the eye. Plus, since they were all covered with different fabric, we were able to tell who had what.

The men. working hard...supposedly
Picking out what arrows she wants.

Before we played with our awesome bows, we had to open presents. Normally I wouldn't post pictures of the present opening, because it's not exciting. BUT...I got Dawson smelly markers. YES! Those smelly markers. The ones we all wanted as kids but only a few lucky ones got. 

Then I made all the kids pose for a picture smelling them like crack heads. 
No one smelled orange. I'm obviously raising my kids wrong.
 Back to the bow and arrows. Those babies actually have some power behind them. Who would have thought? Thank goodness I used my Mom brain and padded the tips. 

They were a huge hit with the kids.

They were also a huge hit with me.  I channeled her inner Katniss and killed a squirrel right through the eye. 

I'm just kidding, I didn't really, but I probably could have because that's how good these bows work. 

The guys channeled their inner Robin Hood. I tried to get them to wear tights but of course they declined.
Obviously we ended with cake. And one extremely happy 7 (gasp!) year old...with marker on his nose. Sigh. He makes me so proud!

The Birthday was great and the bow and arrows were so fun, I've made it my goal to learn archery this summer. Look for my olympic debut in the 2016 summer Olympics. 


  1. I love those friggin' markers! Where did you get them? That is way cool with the bow and arrows. I'll have to tell Chris about it :)

    1. Walmart!! He still uses them every day! The bows are really sturdy. The arrows break after while, but they are wooden dowels, so they are super easy to make. The boys still use them!

  2. That was a really fun day! Those bow and arrows rock! My kids still play with theirs too! I'm so glad that I won those tickets to help make Dawson's day so special :)

    1. It was! All of our celebrations last summer were awesome! I can't wait for this summer!


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