Monday, January 28, 2013

It was one of those days...

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing goes right? Where it's 11 am and it your deciding if you should make and adult beverage or go back to bed?

Today has been one of those days for me.

The day started out great. I woke up early (well early for me) at 7:15. That's kind of a miracle. I took my time getting the kids ready. Enjoyed my coffee. Was feeling great.

Then I returned from dropping Dawson off at school.

My phone was sitting on the table next to me, locked, and decided to call a friend of mine. All of the sudden I heard "Hello?" and I looked over it had connected with my dear friend, Jessi. Luckily she knows I'm crazy so she laughed it off. It's possessed. It needs an exorcism, but T-mobile doesn't offer those, only upgrades.

After a bit more relaxing, I decided to make waffle sticks in my new handy dandy waffle stick maker (post to come soon) so I could freeze them for the Monster's breakfasts.

First I tried a recipe for Strawberry yogurt waffles that came with the maker.  

Fail. They wouldn't stay together. I don't know what when on here.

So I decided to try another recipe from the book for chocolate waffle sitcks. The last recipe was really small and only made about ten sticks so I ASSumed this recipe would be small too and doubled it. Instead I ended up with the worlds largest bowl of waffle batter. 

After about 30 min of stick making, I had around 50 waffle sticks and only 1/3 of my batter was gone.
I made a huge mess with waffle batter drips all over the kitchen. I HATE making a mess in the kitchen.

I burnt my finger.

I broke a nail, which normally I wouldn't care about, but it's the annoyance factor. (yes, I need a manicure.)

My Panini press broke. It still works, but the light on the top broke. I just got it for Christmas and I use it almost daily.  That hole in the top shouldn't be there.

David's car is ticking. Very loudly. He says from the small audio clip I sent him that it sounds like the motor. Nooooo! We can't get a new car right now. We just can't. I mean we can afford it, but I don't want a car payment until after we get a house, which we don't have yet. 

Mondays are the days David works late, which I hate.

Ugh. Not my day at all! 

But enough about the bad. Tomorrow will be a new day! It's David's Birthday! YAY! He took the day off so we can go to an archery place near us, WITHOUT THE KIDS! Yay! I'm excited to give him the awesome presents I bought him and excited to spend the day with him.

I can't wait to share a post about his Birthday with you all! 

Thanks for listening to me whine.  


  1. I think I have to agree on the Strawberry waffles - fail...but I did have to laugh at the picture which is quite possibly one of the most un-apetizing foods I have seen, LOL!
    I have had plenty of those types of days too - just one thing after another, but on a bright note it will be better tomorrow!
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    1. Oh my. They were such a fail. Looking at the picture now, I laughed out loud. I mean, really? What the heck happened?!


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