Sunday, February 26, 2012

Super Saturday...Pizza (again) and a nature walk!

 This Super Saturday was a little different than our usual Super Saturdays. I had plans for our typical night, but it was gorgeous outside and I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a little fresh air.

 Usually we start our night with dinner, but this time we started it with lunch. We decided to make pizzas again, because it's so easy and such a huge hit with the Monsters. Plus I already had all the ingredients. 

 Instead of buying Pizza crusts we used Tortillas and Flat Out Wraps for our crust. We had the usual Pizza toppings and let the boys go to town. 

 For some reason today the boys decided they need their pizzas to "look cool". Whatever works I guess. 

They enjoyed them and that is all that mattered. I'm not going to lie. I made these pizzas for my lunch for the next 3 days. Calorie and fat wise they fit in perfect with my diet. Plus they are flipping delicious.

Obviously our "activities" normally consist of crafts, but this time was a little different. It was gorgeous outside, the kids were full of pent up energy. I had a major itch to take some pictures. We packed up and headed to the local nature center. 

 The Minnesota Science Museum has this cool program called "The Collector's Corner." Basically kids (and adults if they want) find stuff in nature and research it. You bring it to the Science museum where you trade the items you find and your knowledge on the item for points. With this points you "purchase" other items that are a little bit harder to find in nature.
 Anyways...I told the boys to be on the lookout for new things to trade and we set out on our way.

Dawson wanted to collect everything in the center and if he had a backpack, he probably would have.

 Corbin just collected sticks and lots of them.

 Dylan was a little more on the picky side, I don't think he picked anything until almost the end of our walk. He ended up plucking a s mushroom off of this tree. 

We also found a cocoon towards the end of our walk.

 I took the opportunity to try to get some good pictures of the kids while we were out. They usually don't cooperate with me, but today they did allow me to get a few pictures.

 After our walk we visited the centers building.  The back wall of the building is glass. Outside of it is a feeding center filled with foods to attract all sorts of animals. The volunteer was out filling the feeders and standing on a branch above her was this huge gorgeous owl. In my 29 yrs of being alive, I have never seen a "wild" owl before. Only on TV or at the Zoo. I won't lie about how excited I was to see this owl. I watched it for a good 30 min. I wanted to take it home with me and put it in my backyard.

  We stayed at the Nature Center for about 2 hrs. It was still gorgeous out, so we decided to take the boys the the park for a little while. I have no pictures of the park for 2 reasons. 1.) It's a park, I'm sure you've seen one before. 2.) My memory card was full on my camera. 

 We did do dessert at normal time. I found this cute little idea on Pinterest where you take an Ice cream cone and fill it with cotton candy, instead of Ice cream. The boys love cotton candy (what kid doesn't?) so I decided to try it out. 

 It was a hit. Honestly, I don't know really get why they liked it so much, but I'm not going to question it. It took a whole 2 min to make and there wasn't any drips to clean up when all was said and done.

 This Super Saturday succeeded in making me very antsy for summer. It wore the kids out. I got some exercise. All in all it was a great day!

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