Thursday, February 14, 2013

My review of Sally Hansen's Magnetic Nail Color

Last week while shopping at Target I was browsing the nail polish. I had heard about magnetic nail polish before, but didn't realize that Sally Hansen had a line of it out. It ran around $8-9, which typically I won't pay that much for nail polish, but I had to have it! I chose the color "Red-y Response".

I ran home and tried it right away. The process is easy. Apply a base coat polish, follow with one coat of the magnetic polish and allow it to dry. Once dry apply a thick second coat one nail at a time. Right after the second coat is applied you use the fancy little magnetic top to get the cool affect. 

The top has a little ledge on it that when placed on the cuticle area helps from you touching the fresh polish with the magnet. Hold the magnet over the polish for 10 seconds and Voila! you are done! I found that I had to rock the magnet back and forth, otherwise I ended up with the waves only in the center and not over the whole nail. 

After you apply a top coat, you are left with some nifty looking nails that didn't take much work! 
The best part is, it stays really well! The above picture was actually taken 5 days after I had polished my nails. They aren't perfect, but they look pretty dang good for 5 days later! 

I highly recommend this polish.  It's fun, it's pretty and really easy If you want more information and to see the colors, you can visit Sally Hansen's website, I will definitely be splurging and buying some more colors!

Will you be trying Magnetic Nail color? 

I'm not in any way getting paid to do this. I didn't get the nail polish free. (Super sad face). I just wanted to share it because I loves it. :) 

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