Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY Book necklaces

I love reading. Looove it. I read whenever I get the chance and typically stay up way to late enjoying a good book. When I saw these necklaces on Pinterest, from The Perfect Pear, I knew I had to make one, or 3. They are just so adorable!

For supplies you need:

Leather or Vinyl of some kind 
Paper (I used cardstock)
glue (I used glue sticks and super glue)
A leather punch or something to put a small hole in the leather (get creative!)
Jump rings 
 Fabric Paint, nail polish, charms to glue on
 and a necklace

First you need to cut out your leather or Vinyl. I made mine 1 1/2 inches wide and an inch tall.

Somehow punch a hole in your leather. I imagine you could carefully cut one as well. Just remember that your jump ring goes through this so you don't want to cut to the edge. I had David punch mine with a metal punch and hammer.

Next you need to cut little pieces of paper about half the size of your leather and individually glue all the papers together into a little stack. I found it was easier to trim them down nicely once they were all glued together. I didn't count how many sheets I used, I just kept checking the thickness against the vinyl to see if I liked it or not.

Once you have the stack all sheets together it's time to trim it up (if needed) and glue it on. You want to make sure it's not super snug against the back, since you have to fit a jump ring in there. But you want to leave enough room so the the leather/vinyl match up when folded over. My trimming isn't perfect, but you really can't tell once it's all together.

Glue the other side down and give it a minute to dry. Once it's dry, put a jump ring through the hole you made.

Then it's time to decorate if you want! I made 5 necklaces all decorated with different things.

Permanent Marker
I made 2 of these, but one of the monsters ran off with it before I could take a picture.

Nail Polish

Fabric Paint 
I made this one for the middle monster who has been reading a lot of Pokemon books lately!

And finally a flat little charm I had. It's not on a chain yet because I don't have copper chain. Yay! I get to go to Michaels!

The decoration possibilities are endless. 

There you have it! Go! Makes some book necklaces! Be sure to come tell me about it if you make some.

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  1. I love those! They are so cute!!!! I want your craft supplies so I can make all of these cute things that you make!

    1. Back up off the craft supplies. Them be fighting words right there.

  2. OMG. these are the cutest freakin' things!! I want like all of them!!

    1. Aren't they? They are super easy to make!

  3. I love reading too, and your necklaces are just adorable! Following you back. :) Jo

  4. Thank you for dropping by my blog and following me. Happy to follow you back. :)

    my blog:

  5. These are so cute, the possibilities are endless to personalize them.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  6. such a cute idea!!

  7. LOVE these! Especially the Harry Potter one. Now I want to make myself one!

    Thanks for linking up to The Pinspiration Project :)

  8. Thanks for sharing at Fluster's Creative Muster. I'm looking forward to seeing what you link up next week.


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