Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunday Social Week 37

Sunday Social

Linking up again with Ashley and Neely for the Sunday Social. 

This week is all about Valentines Day. I'm not going to lie. I was kinda..ugh..when I saw the questions were about Valentines. It's never been a huge deal in my life. I've never made a huge deal about it and honestly, they weren't too memorable! But I'll do my best to answer. Hopefully I don't bore you too much.  

1. What is the best Valentine's Day you've ever had?
Probably this year. Not because of the Valentines events, but because we have lots of positive things going on this year and a very exciting thing for us happened on Valentines Day! 

2. What is the worst Valentine's Day you've ever had?
I hate to rat David out like this but about 5 yrs ago he was a major ding dong on Valentines Day. We fought all day long. He bought me a present, but left it at work, which he told me he left it at work. I probably would have been happier if he hadn't gotten anything than I was with him telling me he "forgot". He continued to leave it at work for about 2 weeks, until one day we were at his work grabbing some stuff and he handed it to me and said "Oh. Here's your gift." Yeah...that didn't go over well. I told him I didn't want it anymore. He threw it away. We fought some more. Sigh. Don't worry, he's gotten better.

3. What did you do for Valentine's this year?
I ran around frantically all day trying to get gifts made for the kids because I majorly slacked. I was pretty proud of my last minute gifts, I made a post about it which you can find here. That night we didn't really do anything. On Friday David took me out to eat and we went thrift store shopping because I wasn't digging on the idea of going to a movie. Good times.

4. What is your best Valentine's idea if you're single?
Buy yourself some chocolate and stay the hell away from Facebook!

5. What is your favorite Valentine's candy?
Dove chocolates. LOTS of them. 

6. Favorite Valentine's memory from your childhood?
I think all of my Elementary school Valentines parties. They were so fun! I loved making my fancy little box for my valentines, opening all the envelopes. Secretely wondering if the ones from the boys were true...


  1. Gosh! That is the worst Valentine's story I have heard so far!
    Yes, stay away from the explosion of way-too-much-PDA on Facebook on Valentines!

    Doing my Sunday Social rounds! Do come by!

    1. It was horrible at the time, but now that I look back on it, it's not that bad. Some of the fighting was me being a petty whiner. lol We've both learned a lot since then!

  2. So true about the staying away from FB! I even, as a married person, should stay away from fb on vday!! Totally too much this year! lol I got tied real quick of seeing people post about it!!

    I was totally, ugh, about the questions too!!

    1. Yes! If I saw one more bouquet of flowers, I was going to hack into facebook and take it down!

  3. #4 made me laugh!

  4. Your answer to number 4... priceless. So true though.

  5. Thanks for coming by! I followed you via GFC =)

    Glad to meet you and hope to see you again!

  6. Hi there, Im your new follower from the blog hop!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm heading your way now! :)

  7. Stopping by from the blog hop and a new follower! Men can be so silly sometimes. #2 made me chuckle a bit. Now that you mention it, I did love decorating those Valentine's Boxes for elementary school!!

  8. I loved getting Valentines in school! It was seriously the best.

    I'm stopping by from the blog hop, and now following! <3



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