Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Birchbox

Last month I decided I wanted to treat myself and I signed up for Birchbox. If you've never heard of it, for $10 a month they send you a little box filled with beauty samples. 

I had heard mixed reviews, but decided to sign up anyways. I waited about 2 weeks on the waitlist, but finally got my email saying I could buy one. 

It arrived yesterday and I was super excited to open it. This is what I received.
 Not gonna lie. I was slightly disappointed. I think I was expecting more makeup. But alas. This is what I got, so I thought I would go through it and give you my opinion.

 The nail file. I can always use a good nail file. This one was custom made for Birchbox. Not sure where they got a print of my Grandma's couch from 1983, but ok. They claim it's worth $5. I don't know about you all, but I've never paid $5 for a basic nail file. Maybe they paid extra for the awesome couch print?

 The Body Gel. I haven't actually tried this on my body yet. I squeezed a bit onto my finger. Not sure why, but I did. Let me describe it. Picture this... You're walking through JC Penney and you see an adorable, sweet old lady with her hair perfectly curled on top of her head. You smile at her and BAM! You are hit with half a bottle of Eau De Grandma. Your smile waivers. You try not to gag while you run, as fast as you can, away from that smell. But it's everywhere. It's in the clothes, the floor, it's stuck in your nose and you can't escape it until you bathe in a bottle of vinegar. That is this body wash. It's Grandma in a bottle. I refuse to use it. Seriously you guys, I put this on my finger 3 hrs ago and I still smell like Grandma. Not cool.

 I haven't tried the eye makeup remover yet, but the lipstick is not me.

 I haven't tried this yet either, but I'm not that excited to. The smell isn't that great either. I'm not sure if I can handle it being in my hair. But we'll see. Maybe next time I flat iron my hair I'll try it out. I'm thinking I'll save it for when I go Up North and I can't wash my hair. I already stink, might as well add a different stink to it. 

I'm still torn on whether I'll be keeping my subscription or not. Maybe next months box will be awesome and I'll be missing out. Ugh. Is this how they rope you into this stuff?? I also signed up for Ipsy, so hopefully that will be better!


  1. I had a subscription to Birchbox for 3 months until I realized that I never really used anything I got. I'd forgotten about half of it. Oops!
    They do send some pretty amazing stuff though and for $10 a month you can't really go wrong!

  2. I love my Birchbox! I have actually created a beauty box linkup on my BIrchbox review, I would love for you to link up! Check it out at:

  3. Smelling like a Grandma is the worst. Gag.

  4. Replies
    1. Never mind. I found it. I am interested in that one. I might try it!


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