Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spikey Nails

Sometimes you just need a little spunk on your nails. 

One of my favorite tricks for adding that spunk is by using scotch tape. It's so versatile and makes life a million times easier. Maybe not life, but definitely nail painting.

First I put my basecoat on. My favorite base coat is Orly Bonder. It's a rubberized base coat and helps your manicure stay a lot longer. I haven't tried many of the more expensive brands, but this is a relatively cheaper one that works really well. I buy mine at Sally Beauty Supply.

Then I put one coat of polish on. I used O.P.I LA Paz-itively Hot.

After that is the tricky part. It's slightly time consuming, but well worth the effort. 

Take your scotch tape and cut little triangles out of the side. Vary the shape and length as you go.

 I prefer to prep a piece for each finger on one hand, before I start polishing. Place them over the nails, paying attention to which way you want your spikes to go. If you're anal about that sort of thing like I am. Make sure to press them down so there isn't any air pockets for polish to get under.

Polish over with one coat of a contrasting color. I used elf Metal Madness. Once all 5 nails are polished, carefully pull the tape off.   

Finish with a top coat and there you have it! Spunky nails! 

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