Thursday, March 14, 2013

Psst..It's Thursday!

I haven't posted a single post this week. Yeah...I kinda suck. But in my defense it's Spring Break for the kiddo's and I have been running around all week. Playdates, shopping, date night with the man, bingo with my friend and a bunch of old people. 

 Plus, I got a new camera (YAY!!) but for some reason, even though I added the raw codec to my computer, I can't open my raw images in my photoshop. If I can't open the images, I can't convert the images and If I can't convert the images, I can put them on here. You following?? Does anyone know how to get my photoshop cs2  to convert images from a Canon T4i? I guess I could take a look at the software that came with the camera...

Honestly, I wish I could share something exciting with you, but there really isn't anything exciting. I'll try my best.

Minnesota won't stop snowing. 

 My carpet is going stupid and fraying all over the place.

 I went to Michaels and bought way too much stuff, for way to many projects, that I will probably not ever get too

I had a dream I used my new mixer to make a bunch of stuff and woke up hoping it was true. Obviously it wasn't and my heart is sad.

I think I have finally and officially embraced my curls! 30 years later...

I seriously contemplated not leaving my bed today. I don't think the kids would have liked that.

What the shenanigans is up with GFC going away, maybe? I don't get it it. I'm so out of the loop.

I really think that's all I got. Hopefully I convert my pictures tonight and start writing lots of cool posts! 

Thanks for stopping by! :) 


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  1. Once you embrace your curls and just let them be they will get better. I notice the longer I go without straightening my hair the better they are.


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