Friday, March 8, 2013

Doc Band aids and Big Book of Boo-Boos

I posted a couple of days ago our DIY Doc McStuffins stethescope. 
You can find the directions to make your own, here.

I also made band aids and David made him a "Big Book of Boo-Boos".

The bandaids were quick and easy. All that you need is felt (I used 3 colors, blue for the band aid, white for the pad and pink for the heart), velcro, glue and a marker. 

Cut a rectangle out of your felt and round the corners. Glue a small heart on the front, a white rectangle on the back and 2 small pieces of velcro on the back. Finally put the band aid dots on the front of the band aid with a marker. That's it. Super easy!

I made a few random sizes, because boo-boos are never the same size. 

Corbin loved fixing all his teddy bears with his band aids!

Unfortunately, I was busy making the band aids while David made the book, so I don't have step by step pictures for you. But basically he trimmed down 2 pieces of card stock and some printer paper to his desired size. Used a 3 hole punch to punch some holes in it and tied the holes together with ribbon. 

I cut out a heart and printed a picture of Corbin to put on the front. 
He promptly put his Dad to work drawing pictures of his "patients" for him.
Stay tuned for another DIY post for the Doc kit!  


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