Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't touch my stuff!!

We had a slight problem in our house for a while. Our children were not being very good at sharing, they were fighting over everything and I was hearing a LOT of "That's MINE!!" You can only play referee so much before...well you know what I mean.

Something had to be done. I wanted the boys to have special items that were just theirs, but I didn't want them to think every single thing they own is for their eyes and hands only.

 I came up with the idea of buying totes for under their bed. Each boy gets a tote to put stuff in that their brothers aren't allowed to touch.

There is a few rules for the tote.

  1. Only items that are theirs can go in the totes.
  2. The tote has to be able to latch completely closed.
  3. If the tote is full and you want more in it, you must remove items and put them in the "community" toy box, (or throw it away, seriously, some of it is junk) to make room for the new items.
  4. No food or Candy in the totes (that is a new, but necessary rule)

 I added a touch of awesome with some vinyl cutouts and the boys promptly filled them up.

We've had this system for about a few months now and so far it's working amazing. The fighting over toys has gone down quite a bit, we don't have random stashes of crap hidden around the house, there is no more "That's MINE!" 

Now if only I could figure out how to get them to keep their clothes off the floor...


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