Thursday, June 13, 2013

What a day...but we have kittens!

When we moved into our new house we wanted a kitten. After searching I found a 6 month old kitten on Craigslist. We met up, she was adorable. We took her home and named her Luna (Lovegood).  We all fell in love and she was spoiled rotten.

We wanted to do the responsible thing and get her fixed, but it seems we were doomed from the get go. We were given a pregnant cat, without being told about it.

So we waited and watched her grow, read up on cat labor, made her a nesting box and kept on waiting.

Then she disappeared. 

I was certain she had gotten outside somehow. We searched for her, set out food and went to bed insanely upset. 

The next morning David went to work and texted me around 6:30 am. He told me to listen in the living room because he thought he heard Luna up in the ceiling. I went and listened, but it wasn't only Luna up there, there was tiny little kitten meows too. 

David left work and started the hunt for the kittens.

Step 1...attempting to locate the kittens in the ceiling. I had already tried and failed, but David wanted to see if he could find them. It's an ego thing. 

We couldn't see past all of the ducts, beams and all the other shenanigans that is in a ceiling. Although the cats did go crazy when the flashlight shined anywhere near them.

Step 2... wandering around the living room attempting to pinpoint their exact location with only the sound of their meows.

It sounded like they were near a particular vent, so david took the vent cover off and bent the actual vent back.

Surprise! There was Luna staring right back at us.

Step 3...cutting a big freaking whole in my ceiling.

Step 4..cutting a bigger hole. David could see the kittens, but they were too far away, he had to be able to actually get his upper body into the ceiling to get them.

Step 5...locating the kittens. Luna had 4 of the little guys next to her, in the insulation, but one little guy had made his way across the ceiling on the opposite side of the whole. I apologize for the crappy picture here, it's not easy to take pictures in a ceiling! He looks like a little rat, doesn't he?

David slowly rescued the kittens, one by one and put them in the nesting box that we had prepared for Luna before she went into labor. Dang stubborn cat. 

5 adorable little kittens and one happy Momma kitten later.

The birth of these kittens was definitely eventful. I'm happy to say they are all healthy and Mom is doing great! Wish me luck in the next few weeks as these 5 little bundles of fur gain their walking legs and start terrorizing my house!

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