Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm NOT a wedding planner

David and I have been "planning" our wedding for a year and a half now. Which in reality we've been planning for maybe 3 months total. Why? Wedding planning suuuucks. 

All you ladies that have pulled off fancy, fabulous weddings, kudos to you. It's just not something I can do. I've tried. I've thought long and hard about every detail, I've settled and changed my mind a million times. I've priced, I've budgeted, I've driven myself absolutely crazy. 

I'm done. DONE. 

Part of my stress was caused by money. Moola. The green stuff. Why is everything for a wedding so damn expensive?! David and I will be paying for this wedding 100%. Which is fine, but between 3 kids and a new house, we're on a budget. A tight budget. I don't want any wedding debt left when this is all said and done.

If I find a cheaper ceremony/reception site and the caterers are expensive. If I find a more expensive place and the caterers are even more expensive. I can't not have a caterer because it's state law. I might poison and kill my friends if I make the food myself, which is clearly my goal with this expensive wedding.

Someone, anyone, please tell me why I have to pay my caterers to cut my cake?? Am I not capable of cake cutting? I've seen prices anywhere from a flat $50 to .50 cents a slice. Ummm...really? I should become a cake cutter. That's where the money really is!

Photo booths are fun. Want one at your wedding? $700 for 4 hrs. Have fun with that!

Want to serve alcohol? $500 for the bar, but your guests will have to buy their own drinks. Oh yeah, don't forget the police officer you need to have at the door at $40 an hour if you have a little drinky drinking going on.

My wedding guest list went from 130 to 60 (that didn't even include David's list!), just so I could afford to feed people. I shouldn't have to pick and choose which one of my friend or family is more important to me! 

The list goes on and on and on. It's just toooo much!  

The other major stress factor was that this wedding was just not ME. I'm planning my day and I'm planning it to make everyone else happy. Whyyyy? I've never been that girl to dream about her future wedding and all the perfect details. Hell, up until I met David, I never wanted to get married! 

So I say,  Fuck it. I'm done. I'm not planning this day to please everyone. I'm not having a big ol fancy shindig that will leave me wracked with debt, tired and bored. 

I'm going redneck. 

Nah, not really redneck. But I am going to have a backyard wedding. Well, reception really. We finally settled and rented a small indoor garden area that fits 30 people for the wedding itself. No decoration necessary because it's already gorgeous. 

For my reception, It's going to be in my backyard. I'm renting a tent. Catering in some local food places that aren't going to charge me $40 a person to feed, getting a cake from a bakery that I choose, having a mother trucking bonfire (complete with s'mores), maybe some yard games and having FUN. My kind of fun. 

So to any of my family and friends out there, I hope you all understand. It's not the fanciest thing, but I'm not the fanciest girl. I just want to enjoy the day (and the months leading up to it), have all my friends and family come spend it with us and have fun!

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  1. Your wedding sounds perfect and it is so you! Laid back and fun. We had a little backyard wedding and I wouldn't trade it for the world!


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