Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag for July

I've totally been slacking on my reviews of my Ipsy Glam Bag. I honestly think I have done one review...and I've gotten 6 bags now. Oops! I will say that I am still loving my subscription. I'm extremely happy to have found Ipsy and I'm very much enjoying all the new products I've been sent. 

If you don't know about Ipsy, I'll give you a quick rundown. It's a monthly subscription service. Every month Ipsy will send you a reusable makeup bag filled( give or take 5 items) with a few different makeup/beauty products.The best part is, it's only $10 a month! 

The July Glam Bag was called "Beach Beauty". It came in this bright pink, plastic bag. Plastic sounds cheap. Is there another word for it? It's a thick plastic, not cheap, flimsy plastic. You know what I mean?

 This is what was in it this month. I'm going to be honest. I wasn't really that impressed this month. It was a lot of samples instead of the usual full size. Oh well, 1 out of 6 isn't bad.

 First we'll start off with the Big Sexy Hair weather proof hairspray. 

The hair spray is decent. Honestly, I didn't find it that Weather proof. My hair still went all crazy stupid when I straightened it and walked outside. I've tried a lot of "weather proof" hairsprays and things. The only one that I have found to work really well is Paul Mitchell Heat Seal. I've used it for 10+ yrs and it's the best I have found. 

Next we'll go with the Benefit Benetint. It's basically a liquid stain for your cheeks or lips.

I actually liked this quite a bit. I'm not typically a fan of anything on my lips, so I shy away from lipsticks. With the benetint, once it's on you can't feel it. It goes on and dries. No goopy, sticky feeling. It adds just the right amount of color for someone like me. For the cheeks it added a light blush, just enough to look a little flushed. I highly recommend it! 

Next is the Pop Pouty Pop Crayon.
I stated above that I'm not a fan of lipsticks. I do try them, but I'm just not a fan of them. This one wasn't that bad. It wasn't nearly as sticky or thick feeling as most lipsticks that I've tried in the past, which is a bonus. The color was...interesting. Definitely not my color!

 The California Collection eyeshadow sampler from BH Cosmetics is next. Each color has come from a different color palette that BH cosmetics has out.
I've tried the malibu and San Francisco color so far. The colors are nice. I was a bit leery at the shimmer of them, but they weren't bad. Unfortunately I didn't find that they had great staying power. I have oily eye lids and use a eyeshadow primer. Most shadows stay pretty well with my primer, these colors were gone pretty quickly. 

Last we have the Coola tinted moisturizer.
 Honestly, I haven't tried this yet. So I have nothing to say. Oops.

So there you have it. My July Ipsy Glam bag! If you are a fan of makeup and love trying new things, I highly recommend getting an Ipsy bag! It's a fun way to get and try new makeup.

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  1. I received mostly the same things as you. I already have the tint. I bought a lip stick sample kit from Sephora last year and the tint came in that. So I was glad that instead of the tint I got the salt air oil perfume. I actually like it a lot. I wear it every day!

    Glad to see the review! I always wonder what you are getting and thinking of the bags too!


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