Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Fun!

I'm sure everyone is sharing their 4th of July fun and I want to join in! 

I love the 4th. The food, family, fireworks, fun. Ahhh. I want a repeat.

This year we woke up bright and early and went Strawberry picking with my parents. I haven't been strawberry picking since I was a kid. Honestly, I can't even remember ever going strawberry picking so maybe I didn't? Who knows. Either way, it was fun and now I have a million pounds of strawberries. Although I wasn't really prepared for the sea of butts. Have you ever been strawberry picking? This is what you see. Plants...and butts. Lots of butts in the air. I kinda giggled like an immature little kid. Whatever, don't judge.

Every year we head to a local beach for a picnic with my family. We eat lots of food, gossip, swim, and just have a good time.

 My children decided they were birds and occasionally flying dinosaurs. They ran around like this for about an hr.

After our picnic we all go our separate ways for a few hrs before the fireworks. We meet back up at a local soccer complex to watch them a couple hrs before they start. More fun to be had. Woo hoo! This year we messed around with sparklers a lot, which is one of my favorite things to do.

We ended up leaving the fireworks early since we had a small child that needed to use the bathroom, which was fine since I despise the after fireworks traffic. We got home and everyone went to bed, except for me. I stayed up watching the random people lighting off fireworks in the park across the midnight. As annoying as it was, it made for good picture taking.

 It was a great day. How was your 4th?

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