Sunday, March 11, 2012

Super Saturday....Melty Beads and Mini Caramel apple pies

Whew! Today was a busy day! Go, go, go from the moment we woke up. First of all it was GORGEOUS outside. Most people south of Minnesota wouldn't think that, but for us that live in the frozen tundra we were extremely happy. We spent most of the day outside playing.

We didn't do anything special for dinner. We had planned on making subs again, like in THIS post, but we forgot to pick up the ingredients when we went grocery shopping and I wasn't going back out again. We ended up doing tacos. Exciting, eh?

We prepped our dessert earlier in the day. Mini Caramel Apple Pies. The boys loved helping with them. Dylan got some alone time with me while he helped me chop apples.

After the apples were chopped the other boys came in to help out. I gave them all jobs and we quickly got the pies done. 

They aren't the prettiest things ever, but the boys were proud of them and I thought they were adorable.

While the piles baked we started our craft. At Walmart we picked up a package of an old favorite of mine, melty beads, or perler beads. The package was only $10 and had a TON of beads in it and 3 different shaped plates.

The boys got busy making things. Dawson right away decided he want to make an American flag. He loves the American flag and makes it out of anything he can find.

While Dylan was waiting for the square board he went to town putting a bunch of colors on his circle. 

Corbin didn't actually make anything. Together we practiced shapes and colors. Eventually he got bored and we worked on patterns.

In the middle of our creating, I got dessert ready. There was no way a diet was stopping me from having one of these pies. So yes, I cheated and I enjoyed every second of it. 

 I think the boys enjoyed them too. Although I couldn't tear the older boys away from the melty beads long enough to focus on only dessert.

Here is the beautiful thing about the melty beads. My kids have almost no attention span. It's a constant struggle to get them to actually finish something that we start. The older boys worked on these melty beads for TWO AND A HALF hours. They can't even watch a movie for the long! They worked on them while they ate their dessert! This is definitely a "Mommy needs a break" craft.  

All in all they ended up with some cute stuff. I even made myself a butterfly. Mr. Creative Dawson loved coming up with things to make. He already has a whole list of things that he wants to make next time we take out the beads.

Yet another successful Super Saturday. The Pies were amazing. The melty beads kept my busy and made them extremely happy! Keep an eye out in the next couple of days for the blog post on how to make the Mini Caramel apple pies!

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