Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Saturday! Sandwiches, Lego Cars and Smores Pie

 Admit it. That picture made you laugh. Butt in the air, nothing but underwear and cowboy boots on. This is how Corbin spent this Super Saturday, looking like a stud and acting crazy. Now on to how the rest of us spent our Saturday.

 This by far has to have been my favorite meal that we've done so far. For dinner we decided to do "make your own subs". I love sandwiches. I love them even more when they are made on day old Jimmy Johns bread. If you have a Jimmy Johns close to you, go buy some of their day old bread. It's only about 50 cents a loaf and it's amazing. 

  We had picked up a variety of toppings for our Subs. Deli meats, cheese, pickles, olives, jalapenos, dressings. Everything we could want on them, we had.

 The boys went to town making their Subs. Dawson was groaning with happiness and constantly exclaiming how good his sub was. Corbin ate a few bites out of the front and was done. Dylan quickly and quietly ate his without saying a word. Don't interrupt that boy when he's eating!

 After the sandwiches were devoured, we started our activity! We have a crap ton of Legos. Yes, that's a form of measurement, feel free to use it. We decided that we would have lego car races. We got to work creating our cars. 

Yup, still with the cowboy boots!

 David set up one of our Craft show tables for a ramp. Nothing fancy, but enough for the cars to go down without assistance. The boys raced their cars for at least an hour, they would have kept going, but we had to stop for Dessert!!! 

 For dessert we went with a simple classic in our house, S'mores Pie. It's one of the easiest, quickest desserts ever. The boys like to make it because it's something they can do themselves. 

 It's extremely simple. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a pan layer chunks of graham crackers on the bottom and then top with sprinkles of marshmallows and chocolate chips. Finally top it with a few more graham crackers for good measure. Bake it for about 7-10 min, or until the marshmallows look toasted.

  Last but not least, ENJOY!! The boys love this treat! Living in Minnesota we obviously can't make real S'mores during the winter, but this is a very easy way of getting our fix in the winter. 

 I leave you with this wonderful picture of Corbin eating his S'mores pie. The expression on his face is hilarious. 

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