Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dresser Revamp, Part 2. The painting!

This is part 2 of my Dresser Revamp. Part One is HERE. If you haven't seen it. Visit it now. I'll wait.

Now that you've seen part one, you can tell I left off at priming. The next part was the most nerve racking. I haven't painted since I was in High School. That's a long time ago. I was certain I was going to screw it up, or make it look like a 3 yr old did it. Which would be cute if a 3 yr old did paint it, but I'm a little bit older than that...

I started with the sky. With lots of layering and dry brushing I finally achieved a look I like.

 It took me a little over 2 hours to paint the sky. It was a lot more work then I remember doing in high school...but I probably half-assed it back in the day so that could be the reason.
  I also did a few coats of black on the sides and top, but it doesn't make for an exciting picture. 

The next day David drew the background scene on it for me. I am not good at drawing by any means, so I was super happy he agreed to do the drawing for me. He used a charcoal pencil because he says it washes off easily, or will just blend right in with the paint. As hard as it is to admit it, he was right. Sigh...

That night I started working on the buildings and batman.

I'm not going to lie. I LOVED how it turned out. If the bat symbol wasn't such a huge part of the picture, I would have left it how it was. By the way, there is a drawer missing in this picture... obviously. It's solid black, so you aren't missing anything. 

The bat symbol was the part I dreaded the most in this whole painting. I had a vision in my mind and I did not want to mess it up. I also needed to finish off some minor accents on the buildings, lights and what not.

It took about a week of work and lots of black paint, but the dresser was finally done. I'm pretty dang proud of it too. It took my blood, sweat and tears to paint it, minus the blood and tears. So really it took my sweat, half a bottle of Bath and Body works hand soap (because I'm the messiest painter in the world) and energy, which is pretty much the same thing.

 Dawson loved it. He thought I was the coolest ever...until he saw that I didn't put a bat symbol on the top for him. After that I was reduced back to "semi-okay" Mom who feeds him and does his laundry. Someday I'll make it to the top of the Mom mountain. Someday.

It looks a million times better than the clouds and stars. I'm extremely proud of it.

After I finished the dresser I was talking to my Mom about it. She asked if I knew where the dresser came from. I've had that dresser as long as I could remember, so obviously I said no. Apparently when I was younger I needed a dresser and my Grandpa gave me that one.  Before my Grandpa owned it, his Mom, my Great Grandma owned it. This dresser has been passed down for a lot of generations. I feel slightly guilty about painting it, but my Mom says my Grandpa would be very proud of what I've done to it, which makes me a little teary eyed. 

Anyways... I hope you enjoyed this dresser revamp! Maybe I've inspired a few other people to try a revamp on their furniture.

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