Saturday, March 10, 2012

Momma Gets a New Strap for her Camera

Pinterest gives me the best ideas ever. Most of these ideas involve David doing a lot of work. I'm not sure how he feels about that, but once I have my mind set on something, eventually I will get it. Usually it involves some pouting and lots of nagging, but I do get what I want, most of the time.

I found this Silk Camera Strap DIY by way of Pinterest. My current camera strap was pretty beat up and dirty and it was time for a new one. This tutorial looked so quick and easy, I knew it would be easy to convince David to make it for me.

 I didn't feel like making the effort to find a silk scarf that I liked, so while we were at the fabric store we picked up half of a yard of a basic color silk. We already had a variety of vinyl at home, and we planned on using the hardware off of the old camera strap. Total cost was about $7 dollars.

That night while I painted this dresser, David got to work...with his new sewing machine. At the fabric store they had a big table full of clearance sewing machines. This bad boy was $99 marked down from $399. We had to buy it. You just don't pass up deals like that.

It really didn't take him very long. An hour at most and that included dismantling my old strap to get all the hardware off of it. 

Almost done! It just needs the vinyl on the bottom to pinch the bottom together!

I don't have pictures of all the steps. Like I said I was painting the dresser. I also only have one camera, so you get a beautiful, yet horrible cell phone picture to see the final product.

I can not even explain how much I love this camera strap. I needed this years ago. It is the most comfortable thing ever. I can barely tell that I even have my camera on when I use it. Make one...and make one now. I promise you won't regret it.

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