Saturday, February 11, 2012

Super Saturday...Quesadillas and cloud dough

  Every week we ask the boys for some insight into what we do for Super Saturday. We throw out some food suggestions and activities. They ponder them, throw other totally odd ideas back at us. This goes back and forth for a while until we finally tell them what we will be doing and move on.

 This week we settled on Quesadillas for dinner,  Cloud dough for the activity and plain ol ice cream cones for snack. 

 We set out all of our supplies for the quesadillas. There wasn't a lot because the kids didn't want a lot...and we forgot to buy chicken. I think we had cheese, bacon bits, diced onions, jalapenos and Campbell's Cheddar Cheese soup. Not exactly the most nutritious meal ever, but it was delicious and delicious beats nutritious any day. (just kidding, I'm not one of those types)

  If you've never made quesadillas before it's super simple. Make sure you butter the outsides of both tortillas or if you are making a half, just the one. Place all your insides on one tortilla, but make sure not to overfill otherwise you will have a pan full of your toppings once the cheese melts.

  Place the other tortilla on top. Have your pan ready on the stove set at a medium/low setting. Cook each side until browned and the cheese is melted. Cut in slices and serve with your favorite dipping sides. 


  After dinner was all taking care of we go to work making our cloud dough. I found the recipe Here at Juggling With Kids. Make sure to check that site out, it has tons of fun ideas for kids!!

 It's a fairly simple recipe. You need 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil.

  Put in the 8 cups of flour, and add the one cup of baby oil. You may think it's not enough liquid, but trust me it is.

 Stop to smell the mixture, because it smells good. 

 Dig your hands in there and start mixing! After a few minutes the flour will start to stick together if you squeeze it.

 Finally, PLAY!!!

Here is a little tip for you. Sometimes I don't really want to sit at the table while doing messy crafts, but I also don't want to dirty up the carpet. I found a very simple solution to that. A clear shower curtain, or as I like to call it, my "keep shit off the floor mat".  I think I bought mine for $3 at target (with a coupon). It keeps the floor clean and it makes for extremely easy clean up!

The boys played with the dough for a couple of hours. They loved it! I'm not going to lie, it was a HUGE mess. Thank goodness for the shower curtain! I even managed to pull each boy away one by one to give them a haircut!! Victory is mine!

Then it was time for Ice Cream. Nothing fancy, but it was what the boys wanted. If you don't know how to make an Ice Cream cone...I just feel bad for you. 

In conclusion. This Super Saturday was a success. The quesadillas were amazing. The cloud dough was fun, but messy. The ice cream cones cream cones. Yet another great day!

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