Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super Saturday...Pancakes and handprints

  Pancakes. Delicious, fluffy goodness. How I devour adore them. How I hate that I am on a diet and pancakes would completely destroy said diet in a matter of minutes. Sigh. At least I was able to drool over them while the Monsters ate them...and I did sneak in a few bites. In the name of quality control of course. 

 I would love to tell you that I slaved over the baking ingredients in my kitchen to make the fluffiest most amazing buttermilk pancakes ever, but that would be a lie. I used Bisquick. From a box. *GASP*

 I did cut up fruit though, and I suffered a burn across 3 of my fingers when I ever so smartly grabbed the back of the electric griddle, moments after telling Dylan not to touch it because it was "Hot". Hot is an understatement. I'm pretty sure the metal from that griddle came straight from the depths of hell.

  Moving on...Since pancakes are one of the Monsters favorite foods, we decided to have a make your own pancake night. I cut up fruits, filled a plate chocolate chips, marshmallows, sprinkles. Had various toppings. It was delicious...well it looked delicious. (Curse you diet!!)

  I let each of the boys pick 2 items to go inside their pancakes. 
   Corbin picked sprinkles and white chocolate chips.

 Dawson picked sprinkles and milk chocolate chips.
 Dylan went with both of the chip variety.
  Once they were cooked I let them have at it. This was probably the most unhealthy dinner we have had in a very long time. I was jealous. 

  I'm really not sure why Dawson has the can of Non-stick spray in front of him. I promise you it was not put on his pancakes. How do I know? Because I had ran out halfway through making them. 

 At this point I'm going to take a break and tell you about something we discovered. Something AMAZING. Something so delicious you will dream about it in your sleep. Originally Dawson had picked caramel syrup and marshmallows as the toppings to bake inside of his pancakes. I wasn't sure if those items would burn off, so I made a small one by swirling the caramel syrup on top and dropping a few marshmallows on it, and had him pick a couple different toppings for his "real" pancakes.

 This is what came out of it. 

  Do you see the pockets of melty marshmallow goodness?! The caramel sauce soaked in, the marshmallows melted into the pancakes and together they made the most amazingly delicious piece of food ever. No syrup needed they were already that moist. I could eat a basket of these. They should be on an Ihop menu. 

 I know. I tried a bite and had to bite my lip from stealing the rest.

  David and I had an omelet. Yaaaayy.... I love omelets and all, but I was less than thrilled to be eating an omelet with all the better foods around. Although David does make some kick ass omelets so I shouldn't complain.

  Anyways the boys said this was their absolute favorite dinner EVER. Obviously. They had so much sugar running through their system I was certain they weren't sleeping for a week.
 Like always after dinner it was time for our activity! I bought a few canvases at Michaels with no real thought as to what I was going to do with them. I just wanted them...just in case. After much thinking on what to do for this super saturday I decided something with handprints, and something with the canvases. Which led to more thinking. Which led to our Super Saturday activity!

 You need your canvases, your choice of paint colors, paint brushes and a goofy child. 

  Paint your base colors. In our case I wanted black and white.

 We let them dry for about 15 min and cleaned up the messy children...well child.

  From there it was time to do the hand prints!! I have a plan in my head on how I wanted it to look, so there was a rhyme and reason to the color choices. 

 I had the kids come over one at a time and I painted their hands and carefully pressed them to the canvas.

  Afterwards we cleaned the boys up and had them paint their names on the board. Yes, it would have been "prettier" if I had done it. It could have looked fancy and gorgeous. I wasn't looking for fancy. I was looking for REAL. I wanted to remember how my kids write their names. I wanted it to be special. 

  I didn't take a picture of the finished product on the wall. Fine...the finished product isn't on the wall yet. It'll get there eventually. Someday...month...year. For now they are nicely stacked on my dresser. 

 For snack the boys wanted ice cream cones. Again. I guess they are on an ice cream kick. It's ok. The craft was long and cones are easy. 
 So I've rambled on long enough. I hope you enjoyed our Super Saturday!

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