Saturday, August 6, 2011

30 Day Craft Challenge...Day 4

  I want to tell you all about my Dawson, our middle child. He's a boy of pure imagination. The things that boy comes up with is mind boggling. So many of the things we do, are because of him. He thinks them up, asks repeatedly when we can do them, and finally we do. Recently I bought him a drawing tablet, to draw his ideas on paper. He drew a tool box. Him and Daddy-O made the tool box, following his blue prints.  

Lately he's become very independent. He has his tool box and his tools, the sky is the limit. At any given time while outside you can find him with random scraps of wood (or sticks/branches), attempting to make his newest creation. Day 4's craft was no different.

His tool box is always out. There has not been a day since it has been made that he hasn't immediately grabbed it out of the garage, for whatever reason he wants it. While playing I noticed he had found some scraps of wood. He was trying to nail a small piece of wood under a larger piece, to create a ramp, for his cars. I noticed the wood he was using for his ramp was really small, definitely not big enough for cars to go down, without them flying off the edge in a fiery crash.

Into the garage we went to find our scrap wood pile. I found some wider pieces and with Dawson's assistance we came up with a plan and got to work. We nailed a small piece of wood on the bottom of the "ramp", to hold it up a little bit. Then Dawson decided he wanted a piece of wood at the end, to stop the cars.

The 2 boys played with it for a while, but it wasn't enough. Dawson decided it needed sides. He didn't want the cars going off the ramp at all. Off to the garage to find more wood we went. We found the perfect piece, and Dad helped him measure it out and get it cut down to size.
At this point I guess Dawson had enough of nailing and hammering. He told Dad to take care of that. Dad ended up with a helper. Little Corbin has been dying to try using a hammer, a real hammer. He finally got his chance.

It was a simple, child led craft...again. But it was worth it. This ramp has been played with everyday since it was made. 

 Although some of my crafts this month aren't the types of crafts most people would normally think of, we aren't normal. This is what our family does, what our family loves. We live in the moment, and let life (or our kids) lead the way!

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