Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Blast From My Past

  The other day we were at Walmart, making our usual "necessities" trip. Like we normally do, we took our little stroll through the toys...just in case. I happened to look down and spy something from my past. On Clearance!! That item was...drum roll please.... An Easy Bake Oven! I know they've been around, and it's not a new thing, but I haven't touched one of those things since I was at least 10 yrs old. I convinced the boys they needed it. They wanted it. Imagine the smiles on their faces when I told them they could bake cakes and cookies, whenever their little hearts (tummies) desired! 

 So we bought it home. They begged all the way home to use it that night. Unfortunately, it was bedtime, and this Mommy needs her kid free hrs. I promised them that they could use it the next morning and sent them to bed with dreams about mountains of cookies and giant frosted cakes.

  The next morning, that was the first thing I heard. Can we use our oven? No, we have to have breakfast first. Can we use our oven now? No, we have to clean up from breakfast first. Can we use the oven now?! Nooo...Mommy needs her coffee and a Valium (totally kidding, I don't take those...yet). Finally 9 am rolled around and I decided to let them use the oven. We brought it upstairs, unpacked it, got it all ready to go...only we didn't have a light bulb. Oops. Mommy doesn't read boxes well. Luckily Daddy was up and moving around, so we sent him to the store quick while we prepped the mixes.

 Honestly, I don't remember the mixes being so tiny. The cake batter didn't even fill the pan. The cookies were ok though, it ended up making 6 small sugar cookies. I remember when I was younger my Mom buying me boxes of Jiffy Cake mix to use with my oven. I loved that thing. I used it all the time...until I lost the cake pans. That was a sad, sad day in this girls heart.

  I let the boys take charge, with a little bit of gentle guidance, obviously. The ovens haven't changed a bit. You still use the little hook thing to push the pans in until the lid falls. You still push it through the other side. It's exactly the same as I remember, except the color has changed. 



They were extremely excited about the frosting. They couldn't wait to make it. I would show you pictures of them and the frosting, but I honestly didn't have enough time to take the pictures everything was gone so fast! They shared it with everyone. Now they are asking to make more. I just gotta make it to the grocery store to buy some Jiffy Cake Mix....

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