Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shame On Me

  Hi, my name is Sarah, and I'm a slacker. I'm admitting it here, although I don't believe I've ever denied it. 

  I've slacked on this blog. I've slacked on my crafts. I've slacked on cleaning. I've slacked on my cooking. Sigh. Maybe someday I'll get better at this "life" shenanigans, but my guess is by the time I figure it out, It'll be too late. 

  I need to get back on track with this blogging business, so I'll share a few updates.
  The monsters started school! Dyl is in 3rd grade, Dawson started Kindergarten. I dreaded the day Dawson went to school. I think I whined about it for months. He was the most handsome kindergartner in the bunch!

  I thought for sure I would cry like a baby when he started, but I didn't. I will admit that I got a little choked up when he walked into the school. I had a slight panic moment and did not want to let him go, but I sucked it up and he did great! He loves school and is so excited to go everyday. I hope it never changes!
And Off He Goes!

    We've also participated in 2 craft shows since I last posted. They went well. The first was in New Brighton, MN. The actual show was kind of slow. We didn't do as great as we hoped, but we still did decent. The best part was the crafters around us were awesome! They were all so nice and friendly! One of them, Joyce, even made Dawson a reusable lunch bag for his school lunches! Awww! 

 We also took our last trip Up North, to Osakis, MN, for the summer. We fished, we played and just relaxed. Dylan was the little king of fishing that week. He caught about 8 fish, way more than anyone else caught! The best part was his bluegill he caught. For a Sunfish, that thing was huge! We never weighed it, but it was about 9 1/2 inches long, which is a pretty good size. We are actually planning on getting it mounted for him, being that my Dad says it's not very common to catch a sunfish that big!
Isn't it a beauty?!

  I'll leave you with a few pictures from our trip, just because I love to share pictures! Keep your fingers crossed that I can kick this slacking habit, and keep up with this blog! 

Fishing at Sunset.

Me and Beanie Man waking up....slowly.

Corbin is obsessed with driving the boat! He would scream if his brothers tried to take a turn.

Don't they look thrilled?

Dawson loved holding all the fish that got caught and releasing them!

The Dock. It took a beating this year, with all the rain and flooding, but the flowers growing next to it (naturally) are gorgeous!

Gorgeous Sunset On The Lake

Corbin Running To The Boat

  Have a fantastic Day!!

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