About Me

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 

I'm Sarah. This is me. 

That's actually not me, thats the "posing for pictures" version of me and it's all a lie. 

This is me. Slightly crazy, rarely serious.  

This is David. My Fiance. (The human, not the goat).

    He's crazy. But he's also loving, fun and an extreme handy man.
I Loves him. :)
These are our boys, who I call The Monsters. Dylan (David's son) is 9 Dawson (both of ours) is 7 and Corbin (also both of ours) is 3.
 This is our crazy little family. 

And this is our (my) little piece of the blogging world. You'll find crafts, recipes, ramblings and a lot of other random things. 

I hope you'll be inspired, entertained, possibly slightly confused. But most of all, I hope you stay for a while. 


  1. What a great looking family!! I LOVE the personality shown in the photo.. that's my kind of family photo sesh!

    1. Aww thank you! That is so sweet of you. :)


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