Friday, April 5, 2013

Go check out my guest post!

It's been a while since my last post. Almost 2 weeks! Crazy! I promise I actually have a good excuse this time. 

We got a house!! Yay! Finally!!

So we've been busy with all the stuff that buying a house includes. Oy. Way too much. I feel like it's never ever going to come together. 

It doesn't help that we both got hit by a horrible stomach bug that knocked David on his butt for 2 days and I'm still knocked on mine. Boo. I haven't been this sick in...well ever. It's horrible.

But I did do a guest post (I know, blogging elsewhere but not on my own blog. Ha. I'm so random!) over at Hated On The Playground, while my lovely friend Jess was in Florida. Go check it out!   I made these adorable little Washi Tape Magnets!!
 I promise I will be back shortly! I have a bunch of posts to put up, I just have to type them! Thanks for being patient! 

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