Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dino Nameplate

I've been going crazy trying to make things for Corbin's new room so he isn't staring at blank walls. I've already posted the Dinosaur Lamp we made. Now I'm going to show you the nameplate I made him. 

It's really nothing fancy, but it turned out super cute and was a very quick project. I don't even have full pictures of the project, I just think it's adorable and want to share. 

I bought a wood dinosaur and a small wooden plaque at Michaels for about $3 total. 

I painted the dinosaur according to Corbin's demands requests. The plaque I used a cream color to match his soon to be bedding. 

Once the plaque had dried I printed out Corbin's name to use as a template. I cut it down to size with safety scissors. Again. Do you see a theme here? I can NEVER find adult scissors when I need them. Ever. 

 Using chalk, I colored on the back of the paper so it would leave a mark on the wood when I traced over his name with pencil.

Flipping the paper over I traced over his name, pressing pretty hard, to leave an impression and a chalk print on the wood. I always want to show you how well it works, but my camera doesn't agree. This is what came of my attempt at photographing it. Sorry, I tried and failed. Just trust me, it works awesome!

I painted his name, according to his requests, and finished it off by tracing the edges with a paint pen.

What do you think? I think it turned out pretty dang cute! Now I just need to paint his room so I can hang it up! 


  1. Lmao at the picture of the seemingly blank chalk outline. I love this. It is so adorable. I wanna make Gemma one. Ooh maybe I'll make these as the teacher gifts instead of the lengthy somewhat expensive other name plaques I did before!


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