Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Me.

Hey guess what? It's been a while. Are you surprised?  I seem to be on this blog for a few month, take a few off, schedule. Maybe someday I'll consistently blog...but let's not get excited here. I haven't made any promises yet.

I don't have anything exciting to post today. Unless you count random, pointless facts about me exciting. Which obviously you should. 

This is my "start slow and see if we can get this going again" blog. Some random facts with be realllly random. Some will be WTF?? facts. Some will be deep. All will be awesome. Enjoy. 

1.) I love those plastic tumblers with straws. The adult "sippy" cup. Those things rock...and I collect them like a stamp collector collects stamps. Does anyone collect stamps anymore?  P.S. I actually have the cup pictured below...and I loves it.

2.) Whatever anyone thinks, I do not cheat at Words With Friends. Yes, some of my words are random and are things you've never heard of. I don't look them up, I randomly put letters in and pray they make something. It usually works. 35 points? Yes, please.

3.) I ramble and mumble and say lots of stuff that doesn't make sense. I also say a lot of things that I was thinking and probably shouldn't have said.  All. Day. Long.

4.) If I'm really confortable with you, I'm crazy and goofy as hell. If I don't act crazy or goofy, I'm not comfortable with you. 

5.) Being unorganized makes me extremely anxious. I'm on a never ending mission on organizing things in my house. The only problem is, I can never find anything when I need it. 

6.) Just because I'm not serious very often, doesn't mean I'm stupid. I'm actually pretty smart when I want or need to be, it's just not needed that often. 

7.) I will never turn down a baked good. Cookies? Of course, I'll take 8. Cupcakes? Yes, please. I'll take that one with the extra frosting...oh and that one...oh hell that one too. 

8.) I'm the most indecisive person you will ever meet. Seriously. I need an assistant with the sole purpose of making decisions for me.

9.) I will make fun of you. 

10.) This face...
 is the best face. Ever. 

10.) I never think I can do as good at anything as I actually can do. I am my own worst critic. 

11.) I like walks. Especially in nature. David hates them. Sigh. He sucks. 

12.) I worry more about what people think than I really should. 

13.) I read myself to sleep every night. 

14.) I collect snowbabies. I want all 80 million of them. Or whatever the count is. I especially like the ones with penguins.

15.) I freaking love penguins. I want one...or 6. Just a small family of penguins in my freezer would make me happy. I'd have to get a bigger freezer though...

  16.) I don't follow trends. I like what I like and that's that. I'm not the most fashionable person and I'm ok with that. I actually don't understand half of the trends out there at any given time. I'm actually pretty anti-trend. I've been known to stop liking something the minute it becomes too popular because it starts to annoy me.

17.) I get bored and fidgety extremely quick. Like 2.3 seconds quick. This has actually taken me a lot longer to write (going on almost 2 hours!) because I've bounced from this to facebook, to pinterest, to random shit on the internet. 

18.) I'm running out of random things to tell you. Mainly because I'm bored with talking about myself. 

At that note, I'll end this shenanigans and let you carry on with your day. Farewell!

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