Saturday, January 28, 2012

Super Saturday...Pizza and marshmallow shooters

  Oh Super Saturday number 2. We had fun. We made a HUGE mess. We ate delicious food. I forgot to take pictures of our dessert. I was to busy eating. Free pass used.

  For dinner we decided to do Make your own pizzas. We picked up premade pizza crust from Target and a bunch of supplies. Except for Mozzarella. We forgot that part...Luckily we had a tiny bit left off a block. I was stingy with it too. I'm likely to take a hand off if you take my cheese.

  I set out all the supplies and we impatiently waited for David and Dylan to get home. We had the crusts, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, bacon bits, Italian sausage (from a previous dinner), ham and green olives.

 Finally they made it home. That drive to pick up Dylan from school is a bitch! We wasted no time and started creating!

 Dawson went with just cheese and bacon bits. 

 Staying true to himself, Dylan piled his pizza with everything in sight.

David helped Corbin with his. He had a little bit of most things, but after we walked away he put a little bit more of other things on himself.

 They turned out nummy! I'm not going to lie, the crust wasn't my favorite. I don't think I would buy it again. David, Dawson and Corbin enjoyed it. Dylan and I did not. You know that is a problem when the child who eats anything and lots of it is the last one done eating. But all in all we were very happy and the boys loved it!

 Look at that adorable pizza face!! 

 After dinner we decided to make Marshmallow shooters. I found them HERE. I thought they would be perfect for the kids. Cheap and easy...well kinda. We couldn't figure out how to get the balloon to stay on the cup. Luckily David decided to try hockey tape. The grip on the hockey tape held the balloon onto the cup perfectly! The boys (yes, David is included) spent the next hour or so shooting marshmallows all over the room. I'll be finding marshmallows until July.

Corbin quickly got frustrated with his marshmallow shooter and spent the entire time picking up marshmallows and yelling at the older boys for trying to take them. 

For dessert we made Monkey bread muffins. This is the part I didn't photograph. We made them, I promise. They were delicious, I promise. If you want the recipe, you can find it HERE. When they were out of the oven I melted some frosting in the microwave and drizzled it over them. They were deliciously amazing. Make them and eat them. Don't wait. 

I hope you enjoyed our Super Saturday!

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