Saturday, October 1, 2011

DIY Chalkboard Backpack hanger

  This is may get a little long, so bare with me. I thought it would be fun to tell you a little more about how life around our house works, usually only when I'm trying to do something... 

  In Alexandria, MN there is a little store called "Ron's Warehouse". This store is filled with stuff. Stuff that most people don't really need, but you buy anyways, because it's a good deal, and because it came from Ron's. Every once in a while, you find a treasure amongst the shelves and shelves of crap, and this was one of those times.

 Way in the back I found a shelf with picture frames and wall hangings. Luckily I wore my creative hat that day. I found this...
   I'm not going to lie, I loved it. It was ugly, in a functional, only if I give it a makeover, sort of way. I had been thinking about something to hang the kids backpacks on since school started, and this was perfect, or would be. The price was even better. $5.99. Seriously. Who could pass that up?!

 The painting had to go. Give me a bowl of fruit salad and I'm in heaven, hang a fruit picture on my wall, and I'm in hell. I also wasn't a fan of the clear shiny knob. That had to go. I decided that I was going to paint over the fruit with chalkboard paint, so we could write important reminders about school related things, so I don't look like such an idiot to all the teachers.

 Before I go on, have I ever told you how non-observant I am? I notice stupid things that don't really need noticing, but I never notice the important things. David could literally get up from sitting next to me, walk in the other room and come back and I won't even notice. Why am I telling you this? Because I have no shame. 

 I started painting over the fruit, making a giant mess because I am rarely careful. According to the chalkboard paint you have to paint a coat, then let it dry for an hr. I did just that. I came back to the painting and noticed that the "fruit" had bubbled. BAD. I went into a slight panic wondering what the heck I was going to do. Thinking maybe that David could replace the picture with wood for me, and I could just paint that. But would it be a pain in the butt? Would it damage my frame? Aggghh! I flipped it over to check out the possibilities, when I noticed...IT WAS A PICTURE FRAME. Tabs and all. I had looked at this thing a dozen times and never once noticed it. 
How can one not notice this?!

 After my heart rate calmed down, I got back to work. I threw away the fruit and decided to paint the wood that layed behind the fruit. 

 I needed something for a chalk holder. I dug around in my large random collection of craft crap and found my rather large selection of Scrabble tile trays. You know those little wood trays that hold the scrabble tiles when you actually play the game, instead of just using the pieces to make pretty necklaces. 

  I got to work painting it black, to match the board. During the painting I took a bathroom break. The littlest monster was supposed to be sleeping, so I didn't put anything away, or up. I came back and he was sitting on the floor, paint all over the place, huge smile on his face. He was so proud of the work he did. I was not as amused. So off to bed he went (again), and we got to work cleaning up the mess.

Small portion of the aftermath of a 2 yr old. The colors were separate. The cardboard box was clean. You can't see the painted carpet, or the paintbrush that was coated with all colors.

  Finally back to the craft at hand. Everything was ready to be put together!

 I super glued the chalk holder to the bottom of the chalkboard for a couple of reasons. It was something I was capable of doing, and it wouldn't put ugly nail holes in my beautiful new picture. Plus it only had to hold chalk. Which weighs a whole .1 oz.

The man tried to change out my knob, but I stopped him. I guess he doesn't think I'm capable of working a screwdriver. Power tools, maybe, screwdriver, please. This is my project, damn it!  

 I put everything together and laid it against the wall to hang it up in the morning. I even wrote some important school reminders on it for the week. We went to bed, and I woke up to this.

My important reminders gone, and one very happy 2 yr old. (are we discovering a pattern yet?) 

 Anyways...after a few minor setbacks, I finally got the finished board up, and I must say I LOVE it! It holds the kids backpacks nicely, I love being able to write down things on a place that I will see them everyday before school starts, and it even gives me a place for the man to write me little love notes.

  I hope you enjoyed this little journey into my life. Have a great weekend!!

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