Monday, July 18, 2011

I See The Light!!!

   Ever since I got my DSLR a few years back I've wanted to try to do this nifty little pictures where you capture the light with sparklers, or flashlights, or whatever. I've had my camera for about 4 yrs now, and this summer I finally did it! I have no excuse for not doing it before, knowing me, I was just being lazy. 

 It started with a box of sparklers, and a trip Up North to Osakis, MN. I had my camera, I had the Sparklers, I had the determination. It was on... like Donkey Kong.
 Let me explain something about myself. I struggle with technical reading. I struggle with a very, very small attention span. I'm a person that learns by doing, not by reading or seeing. Going into this, I knew the general idea of how to get it done, mainly by knowing my camera and how it worked. What I didn't know was the "Proper" way of doing it. I learn most things by trial and error. This was no different.

Initially I let the boys play. We gave them sparklers and they ran around, while I practiced my technique, and tried to figure out my manual settings. I didn't have a tripod, because I can never remember the dang thing. I had to have my shutter speed pretty slow, so that posed a problem. In the end I found what worked. I balanced my elbows on my knees, pressed the shutter, held my breath and hope like hell it didn't blur!

  I asked the Monsters to actually try to draw pictures with light. The littlest Monsters didn't quite get it, they just played (that's much more fun anyways) but the oldest one did! We ended up with what I think is one of my favorite pictures so far this summer.

He said he wasn't trying to do a heart, but I don't care, I see the heart, and I love the heart!

Then I got pictures of the other monsters playing around. Nothing to special, but still cool. The best part about this, is that I get to take as many pictures of them, and they don't even realize it! Ha! Now if only the boys themselves weren't a giant blur...

Dawson's Sparkler Fun
Corbin's Fun with Sparklers
   Then from there I had the Man stand up and trying writing some words. He did pretty good, considering he doesn't ever write cursive, and he had to do it backwards. My only complaint is that he put his name as "Dave". He is not Dave to me. He's DAVID. I'm always slightly confused when he tells anyone his name is Dave, because that's not his name, and I don't care what anyone says.

*Sigh* "Dave"

  We had fun, and I caught the  bug. The 4th of July was up next. We always hang out with family for the fireworks, and my 17 yr old cousin was there. I asked her to draw something with a sparkler. She looked at me like I was crazy, argued with me a bit, but still did it. I took the picture, which turned out awesome, and showed her. I think she caught the bug as well.

The picture that got my Cousin hooked

We all need a little Love, right?

From that point on, she wanted more and more sparklers. I took more and more pictures. Eventually my Cousin, her Boyfriend and their friend came up with a plan. If all 3 of them stood there with sparklers...what could they create? The possibilities!!

3 can be a crowd...but not in this case!

But alas, the sparklers eventually ran out. The teenagers didn't like that idea. They wanted more. Luckily we had glow sticks. Unfortunately, glow sticks suck to try to capture. The light isn't very bright, and you have to repeat the pattern over and over again to try to capture it. Which means a way slower shutter speed, which means, more risk for blur. I was very happy that the teens were patient and wanted the picture more then I did, they also recruited another cousin of mine, to help with this one.

Another "Dave". This time it isn't MY David though.

Kyle, with a backwards E.
So all in all, even though it took me years to try this out. I love it. It's fun. The pictures turn out awesome looking. The people who help you with the pictures are amazed at how cool it turns out. If you have a DSLR, get out there. Right now. Try this. You won't regret it!

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